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Lucia Dolgopolova
Lucia Knit

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Welcome to my page! My name is Lucia and I am glad to see you here on this page where you can find micro miniature crochet teddy bears and extreme miniature crochet bears and rabbits.

I have been crocheting micro dolls and bears since 2014 and I gladly sharing my art here with you.
Mostly my teddy bears and friends are crocheted with sewing thread.They are of different sizes starting from 3 mm. Mostly my teddy bears are around 1 or 1,5 cm.

I accept custom orders if you don't see something you like or you wish to have a unique micro miniature from your dreams. Please, be free to contact me.

Please, scroll and see the extreme micro crochet bears.
Best wishes,

Micro Miniature Polar Bea
0.1" (0.4 cm)

Miniature Bear Crochet Te
0.7" (1.8 cm)
$57.00 USD + Free Shipping

Extreme Micro Bear Miniat
0.1" (0.3 cm)

Micro Panda Bear
0.1" (0.4 cm)
$38.00 USD + Free Shipping

Micro Miniature Koala Bea

$38.00 USD + Free Shipping

Miniature Panda Bear
0.7" (1.9 cm)
$57.00 USD + Free Shipping

Micro miniature Bear Lave
0.6" (1.6 cm)
$45.00 USD + Free Shipping