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Lucia Dolgopolova
Lucia Knit

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Welcome to my page! My name is Lucia and I am glad to see you here on this page where you can find micro miniature crochet teddy bears and extreme miniature crochet bears and rabbits.

I have been crocheting micro dolls and bears since 2014 and I gladly sharing my art here with you.
Mostly my teddy bears and friends are crocheted with sewing thread.They are of different sizes starting from 3 mm. Mostly my teddy bears are around 1 or 1,5 cm.

I accept custom orders if you don't see something you like or you wish to have a unique micro miniature from your dreams. Please, be free to contact me.

Please, scroll and see the extreme micro crochet bears.
Best wishes,

Micro Miniature Sloth
0.1" (0.4 cm)
$38.00 USD + Free Shipping

Micro Miniature Fox
0.1" (½ cm)

Micro Crochet Penguin
0.1" (0.4 cm)
$42.00 USD + Free Shipping

Micro Miniature Polar Bea
0.1" (0.4 cm)

Extreme Micro Bear Miniat
0.1" (0.3 cm)

Micro Panda Bear
0.1" (0.4 cm)
$38.00 USD + Free Shipping

Micro Miniature Koala Bea

$38.00 USD + Free Shipping