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Lena Vashkevich
Lena Vashkevich

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Good day, dear customers. My name is Lena. I do live in Russia in Ural, Perm city.
I do sew Teddy bears and their friends since 2014 year.
I draw from scratch or take off the plasticine mock-up all the patterns of their Teddy. Most often in work I do use the Soviet plush, but sometimes I do sew from viscose and mohair. I would be very happy if you liked my author's kids and you wanted to purchase them yourself. If you do have any questions about my Teddy, then do message me. Be sure to discuss everything.

Sincerely, Lena.

My e-mail is

Instagram: @vashkevich_lena

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Bim The dog in the countr
9" (23 cm)
$150.00 USD

The rabbit in an Vitalik
9" (23 cm)
$156.00 USD

8.6" (22 cm)
$153.00 USD

8.2" (21 cm)
$155.00 USD