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Stuffed Bear
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By Emma and Mark Nicholson

15 inches (38.1 centimeters)

Cosmo is an explosion of colour! He has been made entirely from our super soft long pile alpaca, including his hand and foot pads! He is predominantly cut from one of our beautifully blended hand-dyed rainbow colourways, with hints of the original white for his cheeks, chest, heals and wrists. We’ve given him a pair of our hand-painted turquoise glass eyes with hand sculpted eye lids, each tinted a different colour to match with his eye patches. Each of his trimmed back peek-a-boo paw pads is also a different colour, and I’m especially besotted with the turquoise into lime colour gradient that moves up his muzzle.

Cosmo is fully 5-way T-pin jointed and stuffed well with polyfill, glass and steel shot. His nose is hand embroidered in pink perle cotton and he wears a very simple but gorgeous sterling silver (925) crown pendant and chain (which can be removed and worn by his new mum if she decides she likes it more then Cosmo!). Cosmo is a one of a kind artist bear.


AUS$520.00 AUD     (Approx. $520.00 AUD)

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Welcome welcome...come sit down, ohh, mind the little ones...those bears can be bit pretty tricky! I see you have stumbled across my little space of this vast bearpile site. If you are interested in finding out more about my bears or ordering your own custom piece, just follow the website link or check us out on facebook!

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