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Pistachio Snowbluff
Stuffed Bear
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By Emma and Mark Nicholson

18 inches (45.7 centimeters)

Pistachio Snowbluff is a quirky little oddball with a heart of gold. He is the winter woodlands caretaker, making sure that no creature goes hungry over the coldest months. And while his fur is mostly snow white, Pistachio likes to keep small reminders of the coming spring in his brightly coloured ears, feet, eyes and nose.

This gentle boy is made from ivory curlylocks mohair and has hand-dyed rainbow mohair ears (a mix of 20mm mohair and 70mm mohair), with trimmed rainbow mohair foot pads as well. His stunning glass eyes are each a different, unique colour (hand painted by us). He is fully T-pin jointed and stuffed quite softly to give him a beautiful hug. His nose has been hand embroidered in a perle cotton and he wears a little sprig of flowers and greenery around his neck (fully removable faux flowers).

Pistachio Snowbluff is a one of a kind artist bear.


AUS$680.00 AUD     (Approx. $680.00 AUD)

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Welcome welcome...come sit down, ohh, mind the little ones...those bears can be bit pretty tricky! I see you have stumbled across my little space of this vast bearpile site. If you are interested in finding out more about my bears or ordering your own custom piece, just follow the website link or check us out on facebook!

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