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Margaret Raymond
The Velveteen Ark
United Kingdom

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Welcome to the Velveteen Ark!

I own a small hand embroidery business however last year I bought a bear making kit on a whim and I was hooked! I didn't want to make anything too complicated with increasing arthritis in my fingers but chanced to pick up a book which showed soft toys being held together with Poppers (Press Studs). I had a large haul of assorted vintage velvets that I was desperate to use so I decided to dye it, applied the same techniques I had learned in that first bear kit, started moulding and colouring my own noses, made lots of delightful mistakes and even dusted off a pair of knitting needles! My little Velveteens became a happy break away from the close work by which I make my living and to my delight people asked to buy them!

It is with the encouragement of my sister, hubby and a couple of bear collecting friends that I start this page to share in my newfound velvety love and with a bit of luck, cover the cost of my rapidly growing stash!

Each of my little Velveteens becomes a little character and an extension of my rather
bizarre imaginative world!

Felix the Fox - Made from
6.2" (16 cm)
$32.42 USD

Tarquin the Squirrel- fro
6.8" (17½ cm)
$36.31 USD

Lee-Roy the Reindeer- fro
8.4" (21½ cm)
$38.90 USD

Brindley Mouse - made fro
7.4" (19 cm)
$32.42 USD

Ralphy the shy bear
6.6" (17 cm)

Raddish the rabbit who lo
8.2" (21 cm)

Daisy the Lamb who loves
5.9" (15 cm)

Dragoslav the Dragon - fr
7.4" (19 cm)
$36.31 USD

Linley the Lion- made fro
6.6" (17 cm)
$36.31 USD

Bertram the bear- from re
6.6" (17 cm)
$32.42 USD

Lambert the lamb - from r
5.9" (15 cm)
$25.93 USD

Elgar the music loving el
6.6" (17 cm)

Roger the Dog - made from
7" (18 cm)
$32.42 USD