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Sapozhnikova Elena

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Hello! My name is Elena Sapozhnikova, but you can call me just Lena:)
Very glad to see you in my little world, where my little creations live.

I would like to tel you a little abou my life and my creativity. I live in Russia, Irkutsk city. It's lokated in Siberia near the wonderful lake Baikal. I have a husband and little daughter Barbara. We live in our house outside the city, there is a small garden nearby, which I like to cultivate. I usually spend all my free time making toys. I make not only teddy bears and their friends, but also dolls using different techniques. You can learn more about my toys and my life from my Instagram account.

I love all my toys, and hope you find something in my store that you will love too.

Black kitten
5.9" (15 cm)
$50.00 USD

Mr Fox
5.9" (15 cm)
$130.00 USD

Little fox
5.9" (15 cm)
$60.00 USD

Little kitten
6.1" (15½ cm)
$50.00 USD