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Ekaterina Stepanova
Stepanova Ekaterina

11.8 months on Bear Pile
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Hi, I'm Katya. Born in Moscow and now living in a magic Latvian Forest - which helps me to create unique teddy bears and gives me endless inspiration. I make teddies and their friends about 6 years, since 2012. Now this great experience of passed years let me transform my child dreams and secret ideas into a perfect teddy bears.
My teddis are not simply toys, it is connection of deep idea and external elegance.
It seems that they are borning themselves, just with my help. They choose their appearence and character, what they want to tell to humans and how they can be usefull for the owners.
My hands are leading these teddies into real. Very important note: I always make my creatures in good and light mood, its part of my philosofy. They deffinately stuffed with kindness and warm wishes.

Red Cat
3.7" (9½ cm)
$51.99 USD

Little Miss
9.4" (24 cm)
$127.21 USD

7.4" (19 cm)
$138.27 USD + Free Shipping

Peaceful Spring
13.7" (35 cm)
$199.11 USD + Free Shipping

13.3" (34 cm)
$112.83 USD

Mr. Browny
15.3" (39 cm)
$132.74 USD

Mr. Reddy
16.1" (41 cm)
$132.74 USD

11.8" (30 cm)

Lady Teddy
5.5" (14 cm)