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Natalia Ivanova

80 days on Bear Pile
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My name is Natalia.
Here I want to share with you my passion made by my hands with love and a peace of my soul.
My two big passions are crocheting and miniatures.
I love what I do and I do what I love.

All these small pieces of happiness are for you with love, smile and a little bit of magic.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! I’m always open for communication and will be happy to help!

Wish you a wonderful day and hope you enjoy looking through friends I have created for you!

Sheep Suzy
0.8" (2 cm)
$30.00 USD + Free Shipping

Teddy Bear's Family
2.4" (6 cm)
$140.00 USD + Free Shipping

chihuahua Serge
1" (2.5 cm)
$40.00 USD + Free Shipping

Beaver Frippe
0.8" (2 cm)
$35.00 USD + Free Shipping

Rabbit Sebastian
1.2" (3 cm)
$40.00 USD + Free Shipping

Rat Liam
2.4" (6 cm)
$44.00 USD + Free Shipping

Teddy Bear Thomas
2.4" (6 cm)
$55.00 USD + Free Shipping

Teddy Bear Emma
2" (5 cm)
$50.00 USD + Free Shipping

Teddy Bear Noah
1.8" (4.5 cm)
$45.00 USD + Free Shipping

Badger Samon
2" (5 cm)

Miniature animal Beaver C
2" (5 cm)

Raccoon Willie
1.9" (5 cm)

Old bear Oliver
1.8" (4.5 cm)

Bear Sam
1.6" (4.3 cm)

Little Fox Danny
1.6" (4.3 cm)