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Katerina Pomelnikova

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Hi, my name is Katerina and I create tiny knitted toys. All my characters were created and crocheted by me. I use only high quality materials. My trademark is a tag in the shape of a Russian nesting doll (Matreshka) that I attach to a toy.
My bears, and other characters, are collectibles and are not suitable as toys for children.

They are created in the atmosphere of love and prosperity and are looking for the same loving family.

I accept PayPal.

I send the package within 2-3 days after the final payment.

If you still have any questions, you can email me at at any time. But I’ll warn you right away - my English is not perfect, but the bears are the definition of charm.

Miniature micro-bear
0.9" (2½ cm)
$60.00 USD + Free Shipping

Mouse White ear
0.5" (1.3 cm)
$52.00 USD + Free Shipping

0.7" (2 cm)
$40.00 USD + Free Shipping