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In comparison with my arm

In comparison with my arm





Details of jacket


Sitting, backview))

Standing, backview
Rabbit Dandy Beau
by Bayle
9.4 inches (24 centimeters)


I'd like to introduce my cute smiling rabbits - Dandy Beau and Violetta.
These Rabbits are ~9,8" standing with slightly bended ears (~19-20 cm without ears and ~26-27 cm with straight ears).
Rabbits are made of hand-dyed (by me) viscose - light lilac color and yellow; their cheeks, belly, tails and the inner side of their ears are made of white viscose; they're filled with polyfill and steel pellets, and they are quite heavy)). Their white heels are made of flock fabric, they are soft like velvet! There's a wire inside their arms and ears, so you can slightly bend them))) Legs and arms are jointed, can move around, head is double-jointed, it can swing! Rabbits have whiskers also))
They can sit well, but they can stand mostly with support))
She-Rabbit has small dark blue glass eyes, painted by me, and they're really cool - they shine and glitter )))
He-Rabbit has green glittering eyes.
Rabbit's jacket is made of green&gold cotton with silk lining; his shirt is made of silk-like polyester. There're brads on Rabbits' jackets. Violetta's dress is made of soft cotton with silk pink lining; her jacket is made of felt-like polyester with mashine-embroidery and eyelets for the silk ribbon.
I can send additional photos to you by request.

If you buy both rabbits - the price'll be $355 with discount. Just write me before buying!!!

Adopted    Available for custom order - Contact Me

$130.00 USD     ($130.00 USD)

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