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By Laure Waytek/Fool's Gold Bears

8 inches (20.3 centimeters)

Here is Boy-Toy. He is more toy-like in appearance than my other bears. At first I had intended to produce a more na�ve shape, but was waylaid by a photo of some baby Grizzlies that completely swept me off my feet. I was so taken by them that I sketched out a pattern using the proportions of the real baby Grizzly bears. I think I�ve come close to the shape of my charming models.

Boy toy is made of curly matted mohair and has brown glass eyes. His sparsely embroidered nose and claws are black perle cotton. He has a bit of shading on his face, paws and ears. He is jointed with a combination of disks, cotter pins and set screws and has wire support in his arms and legs. His head is double cotter pin jointed and has a slight wobble. He is weighted a bit with glass beads. His neck decoration is made of vintage rickrack, yarn and bells. He stands with just a little positioning to balance him.

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  Laure Waytek
Foolsgold Arts
United States
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Through the years since 1993, when Fool's Gold bears first began, my work has continued to evolve. Changes help keep life interesting. Changes in my art are not only inevitable, they are part of what keeps me interested in this form of expression.

Each piece is born from my passion to convey a sense of inner beauty; especially through cuddly, engaging, soulful creatures. When I'm at work designing and creating, it's almost as if I am standing back, watching them materialize before my eyes. I believe that every good thing is a gift from God. Without Him, I can do nothing.

Michelangelo once said, "Where the Spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art." I like to think that each Fool's Gold Bear already exists in Heaven, and that by cooperating with Heaven I'm helping to bring them to Earth.

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