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Sissy Sadie ShiShi LaLa
Stuffed Bear
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By Laure Waytek/Fool's Gold Bears

11 inches (27.9 centimeters)

Sissy Sadie is a sweet, prissy li’l Southern girl with a taste for shabby chic. She is a dedicated member of the informal society known by some as “Bow Snobs”. She would rather perish than step out in public without her enormous bow cheerily displayed for all to see.

Sadie is created of mohair in the delicious color of my favorite champagne cocktail, known as a “Mimosa”. Her intense blue-green glass eyes are lidded in the same fabric with the fur removed. Her nose is embroidered in perle cotton, luxuriantly waxed and polished to a gentle glow. Her face, paws and foot pads are shaded and blushed a little and then color-sealed to bring out her demure Southern style. Inside, she is 5-way jointed with hard disks and set-screws, plumply stuffed with poly fiber and weighted a bit with tiny glass beads. Sissy’s costume is fashioned from a filmy antique batiste newborn’s gown that has been tenderly darned, altered and embellished just for her. Beneath the gown she wears a batiste underskirt and an apron of tiered antique lace. Her eye-catching head piece is assembled from a collection of vintage millinery and bridal elements. Miss Shi-Shi La-La will have her own hand-made swing-tag attached behind her arm.
Adoption Fee- $450.00 USD

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  Laure Waytek
Foolsgold Arts
United States
15 years on Bear Pile

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Through the years since 1993, when Fool's Gold bears first began, my work has continued to evolve. Changes help keep life interesting. Changes in my art are not only inevitable, they are part of what keeps me interested in this form of expression.

Each piece is born from my passion to convey a sense of inner beauty; especially through cuddly, engaging, soulful creatures. When I'm at work designing and creating, it's almost as if I am standing back, watching them materialize before my eyes. I believe that every good thing is a gift from God. Without Him, I can do nothing.

Michelangelo once said, "Where the Spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art." I like to think that each Fool's Gold Bear already exists in Heaven, and that by cooperating with Heaven I'm helping to bring them to Earth.

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