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Thicket a 15 in Critter
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By Laure Waytek/Fool's Gold Bears

15 inches (38.1 centimeters)

Imagine if you will, scrambling through the underbrush, a quiet little character resembling a bear, but with peculiar stripes and spots, mossy green paw pads and a rusty, furry topknot. Skittering quickly, he stops just a moment here and there to gather a few pods, feathers and bits from the forest floor, then scurries on. Thicket, as I have named him, is an enigmatic critter. I don�t know what else to call him, I just know that I like him. Thicket has an eye for natural beauty wherever it can be found, and delights in wearing his simple treasures for all his critter friends to admire.

I hope not to disappoint you, but Thicket is only alive in my imagination - and now perhaps in yours. I have made him to look as live as I could for your pleasure. His fur is honey-tan mohair. I have custom-painted his glass eyes, given them extra sparkle and created lids with threads that are fastened securely inside his head. Thicket�s nose is layered with mossy felt peeking through 2 shades of perle cotton. His face seemed to call out for shadings, stripes and spots, so I gladly provided them for him. He has a contented smile because of all the joy he finds in his never-ending search for beauty. He finds it in abundance wherever he goes. On top of Thicket�s head is a shock of rusty-colored longer fur, needle-felted into place with hours of meditative care. His mossy-colored wool felt foot and paw pads are needle-sculpted and deeply shaded. He wears a fully lined vest bound with handmade bias strips. The striped flannel and cotton print vest closes with squarish buttonholes and natural seed pod buttons streaming with decorative ribbons. Onto Thicket�s twisted cord headband is pinned a cheery spray of felt leaves, pods and feathers. I have also fashioned for him a necklace of thread, small-scale driftwood, feathers and beads. It was completed as an afterthought, following his photo session. Of course it is not pictured, but I think you will like it. I think it enhances his look, and I�m sure he does too. If you would rather not have him wear it, you can easily remove it from his neck with the button/loop closure.

Lay-away/Lay-by terms - beginnning deposit is half of adoption fee plus shipping; remainder is payable within 30 days. No refund if transaction is not completed.

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  Laure Waytek
Foolsgold Arts
United States
15 years on Bear Pile

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Through the years since 1993, when Fool's Gold bears first began, my work has continued to evolve. Changes help keep life interesting. Changes in my art are not only inevitable, they are part of what keeps me interested in this form of expression.

Each piece is born from my passion to convey a sense of inner beauty; especially through cuddly, engaging, soulful creatures. When I'm at work designing and creating, it's almost as if I am standing back, watching them materialize before my eyes. I believe that every good thing is a gift from God. Without Him, I can do nothing.

Michelangelo once said, "Where the Spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art." I like to think that each Fool's Gold Bear already exists in Heaven, and that by cooperating with Heaven I'm helping to bring them to Earth.

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