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Panda Allegro
Stuffed Panda Bear
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By Laure Waytek/Fool's Gold Bears

26 inches (66 centimeters)

Here is Panda Allegro. He was adopted before I got him posted here on BearPile, but I did want you to meet him just the same. He made a lasting impression on my husband, Vic and me while he lounged in our living room, waiting for his adoption to be finalized. We will miss him, but we know he is in a loving home where he will have many furry companions. His description follows:

This large, one-of-a-kind panda is created to make a statement wherever he is seen. His name, Allegro, means playful or cheerful in Italian. His fur is a combination of creamy white and long dark brown mohair with white tips. The creamy areas are enhanced in cheerful shades of orange and yellow, which is specially treated to resist fading. His eyes are custom hand-painted glass with faux leather lids, rimmed with leather cording. His embroidered perle-cotton nose is waxed and polished and shows a nice turquoise patina from a brass tool I used to apply the wax. Honestly, the patina was a happy accident. I liked the effect so much that I will encourage it again in some future creations. Panda Allegro�s faux leather paws and feet are detailed in shaded 3-D trapunto. He wears a hat and ruffled collar in earthy tones that bring to mind grandma�s floral-printed drapes. They are lined and edged with contrast piping. The collar is tied in front with a lime-green and lavender grosgrain ribbon. Several playful charms dangle and jut from the ribbon and the hat. Enhancing the costume are an under collar and hand-made millinery roses with a shabby effect. They are made of taffeta in shades of lavender and orange. The leaves are a hand dyed, fine-knit lacy fabric. All parts of the costume are removable. In his inner-wired arms, Allegro holds a satin and wool felt ball, hand-embroidered with feather stitch vines and tiny French knot posies. When shaken, the ball jingles! Allegro will add a playful note, in fine taste, to your decor.

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  Laure Waytek
Foolsgold Arts
United States
15 years on Bear Pile

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Through the years since 1993, when Fool's Gold bears first began, my work has continued to evolve. Changes help keep life interesting. Changes in my art are not only inevitable, they are part of what keeps me interested in this form of expression.

Each piece is born from my passion to convey a sense of inner beauty; especially through cuddly, engaging, soulful creatures. When I'm at work designing and creating, it's almost as if I am standing back, watching them materialize before my eyes. I believe that every good thing is a gift from God. Without Him, I can do nothing.

Michelangelo once said, "Where the Spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art." I like to think that each Fool's Gold Bear already exists in Heaven, and that by cooperating with Heaven I'm helping to bring them to Earth.

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