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Bear Dotty (Orphan)
by By Garden of Bears L&S Bar
9 inches (22.8 centimeters)


Dotty measures from her to toe 9 inches to her head and while seating she measures 7 inches. Dotty is made from a high quality animal print fur. Her paw and footpads are made from super soft cashmere and are a tan color to match the animal print pattern. Her filling is a mixture of steel and plastic pellets produced from pure sheep wool. She views the world through German black glass eyes and is 5 jointed. She has an beautiful hair bow and adorable necklace made of beads. She comes with her little crocheted apple. Dotty is just too cute for words. This amazing bear was created by one of my favorite of all time and talented German artistes Anita Brauer. She is known for the bears with Heart and Soul and as you can see they are. Please check out all of all of my collection by Anita you will simple overwhelmed at her detail and dedication to her work. She along with all of my bears were displayed in a enclosed cabinet. This bears COA card was miss placed sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for looking and have a "beary" good day.


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