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by By Silvia Gilles
15.7 inches (40 centimeters)


Meet Jesper BRAND NEW he just arrived at my home on June 13th he was made special by Silvia for me along with his little sister Sisi who is also listed on my auction page. They were made for a friend of mine who has become unable to adopt them and asked me to put them up for sale on my page. For any of you who are aware of the famous artist Silvia Gilles's work, it is simply amazing and very rarely will you be able to find her bears even used on Bearpile or anywhere else. I am a personal friend of hers and have worked with her several times in the past and I personally have waited months myself for her bears. That all being said, let me tell about this sweetheart. Jesper stands 40 cm tall about 16 inches from head to toe is made of the highest quality plush and the most incredibly softest alpaca fur he is a beautiful cream- white color. He is 5-jointed wired arms and has beautifully sculpted feet. Jesper comes with a the cutest little scarf that can be removed and as a personnel favor to me Silvia sent me additional scarf colors if you are interested in a different color once you have purchased the bear please let me know and I will be move than happy to discuss the additional colors. Of course he comes complete with all of his tags displaying his name and also his foot is signed by Silvia herself. Please keep in mind this bear is brand new and very rare and of the highest quality.I have been given a discount by Silvia herself because of our relationship and I am passing that discount along to you in the my asking price please keep that in mind. Thank you for looking. I hope you will think about adding this must have sweetie to your collection.


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