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by Вероника Жерновникова
2.1 inches (5½ centimeters)


Dear friends, meet a miniature copy of a Basset Hound dog named Abigail.

Abigail is sad, waiting for a loving friend who wants to shelter her.
If you want to surprise dog lovers, there's no better option than gifting a realistic, finger-sized replica of a dog!
Abigail is only 5.5 cm or 1.97 inches tall

Of course, at this size, the toy must be handled very carefully!
Stay away from water! Dry cleaning only! This toy is not intended for children or active play!

Abigail has a movable head, paws and tail thanks to the frame inside.
The dog is knitted using the author's technique from fluffy yarn, painted with oil, and stuffed with metal granules, which gives the toy a living weight.
Abigail will come to you with her own cozy basket.

Next to the puppies, Abigail transforms - she becomes a caring mother.
(Puppies are not included in the package. The photo is attached as an example)
You can purchase puppies separately by visiting my store.

Happy shopping!

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