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Elf Yen
by Julia Kurakina
7 inches (18 centimeters)


Elf Yen, OOAK teddy elf.

The collection "House Elves" inspired by watching Harry Potter movie. Very much impressed by the fairy-tale hero elf house elf Dobby. According to the film, this fabulous character and protects the house owner. He takes care of his master and asks for nothing in return. He has his elven magic, and apparently capable of such magic, which is not capable of magicians people. At the same time the elves do without a wand. Dobby is an example of a model of courage, loyalty, and love! My elves slightly resemble Dobby. It is very short, usually bald, even girls. Ears they have huge, similar bat wings. I want my elves brought a lot of joy, love and kindness to your home. This is the meaning of their creation.

Elf sewn by hand from faux fur "tenderness". The ears are combined with cotton fabric (made in the Thailand). Eyes are glass. 5 cotter pins (wood+wire). Filled with: mineral granulate, aero fluff. The face is made of doll plastic. Painted with acrylic paints and pastel.The feet and hands are made of baked plastic. The hat is knitted manually of cotton thread. Elf height: standing - 18, sitting - 15.

This elf has been made and designed by me in a non smoking home.

Please be aware it's not suitable for children due to small parts and glass eyes.

Thank you for looking!!
Warm wishes,

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