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Puppy breed Old English b
by Natali Khizhnyakova
11.8 inches (30 centimeters)


The English bulldog is a breed of dog, as if deliberately created for lazy or busy people. Docile and calm, rather even phlegmatic, English bulldog dog balanced and seasoned. Superficially breed looks several intimidating and, seems, if would for slightest disrespect to itself or to his strange host it is a watchdog charge in attack assert wounded honor. However, this is far from the truth. The bulldog though and will come to the rescue in a critical situation, but the breed was not bred for protection of the owner, and it is better not to rely on the protection from the dog that this is not taught. But the bulldogs will definitely be able to become good keepers. The baby is made of miniplush, on the skeleton, filled with synthetic padding and stones, glass eyes, pads-paws genuine leather. Completely handmade!!!

File under: fully handmade   faux fur   synthetic winterizer   skeleton   glass eyes   genuine leather   gift   puppy   realistic   old english bulldog  

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    Natali Khizhnyakova
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