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fox named Louis
by Natalia
28.7 inches (73 centimeters)


A fox named Louis, a large, sturdy, handsome and very fluffy boy. Louis is made of high quality expensive faux fur, very similar to real fur. The natural size of a real animal. It is weighted almost to the present weight. Inside it has a plastic skeleton in the whole body, due to which it can take various poses. The ears are reinforced with wire and can be bent. The mouth can be opened and closed, the jaw (lower and upper molded manually from plastic, with a complete set of teeth. Nails are also molded from plastic. Eyes are made of glass. Paw pads are individually sewn of faux suede. Size from tip of nose to base of tail is 73 cm (excluding tail length), height at the withers - 48 cm.
the work is very difficult to manufacture.
Interior work! Not a toy for children!
Delivery is included in the price of the toy.

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