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Bear Martin
by Danata Tselinskaya
7 inches (18 centimeters)


Height sitting 14 cm (5.51"), on the pillow 17 cm (6.69"), full height 18 cm(7.09")
Made of plush. Eyes for Teddy. 6 Connected by cotter pins and wooden discs.
Stuffed with sawdust, glass pellets to weigh down the torso. Bend The Legs.
Sitting on a beautiful pillow made of plush and stuffed with polyphyl.Tinted with oil art paints and pastels. Decorated with a beautiful lace collar with vintage pendant, embroidered with small pearl beads and shabby ribbon.
The toy is interior and collectible, not intended for children's games.Protect from sunlight and moisture, dry cleaning with a brush.
Delivery terms: EMS EMS, delivery time up to three weeks +Delivery at the expense of the buyer

File under: 2020   love   withlove   artist   teddy   bear   teddybear   gift   handmade   ручнаяработа   теддимишка   тедди   подарок   newyear   toy   toys   art   lovelybear   cute   artistbear   doll   artistdoll   collector   collection   мишка   любовь   madewithlove   teddybears   dolls   artistbears  

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Australia    €92.00 EUR    (€92.00 EUR)
Canada    €63.00 EUR    (€63.00 EUR)
Russia    €400.00 EUR    (€400.00 EUR)

Delivery terms: EMS EMS, delivery time up to three weeks +Delivery at the expense of the buyer.The cost of delivery is discussed with the buyer depending on its location.Parcel tracking is enabled.

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