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Puppy breed bull Terrier
by Natali Khizhnyakova
17.7 inches (45 centimeters)


"White knights", so before was called bull Terriers.
Dogs this breed ignorant people often fear, believing aggressive and unbalanced. On the creation a new breed John it took almost 12 years - the first copies of were exposed in 1862 year. We can say that they become carriers of the best qualities of all breeds that took part in their creation. These are excellent endurance, courage, quick reaction, powerful pressure of jaws, excellent physical form and habits of the intellectual.Another oddity-dog relished not only professional owners of fighting dogs, but also many intelligent people. In particular, the teaching staff and students of Oxford University to keep a white bull Terrier was prestigious and fashionable. And, at first these dogs were exclusively white, and the first standard of bull Terriers also included white individuals. This standard was first drawn up in the late 19th century. Bull Terriers with a variety of colors officially adopted in the early XX century.
This baby is made of faux fur, filled with polyester and mineral stones. On a skeleton, allowing it to be mobile. Glass eyes and leather pads on paws. Completely handmade!!!!

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