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Babajaga the little witch
by Sabine Cheshire
3.5 inches (8.9 centimeters)


Do you know the Russian fairy tale about the witch “Babajaga” and her little house on chicken legs???
So, here is Babajaga, 9cm (3,54 inches) tall and she is made of various materials:
longpile miniature fabric, rayon and Ultra Suede.
She is filled with sheep wool and steel shot.
Her wild hairstyle makes her special look. The long pieces of mohair doll hair are lead through her head.
Her coat is made of curly rayon, her little creepy furry collar is made of mottled plush, brown squinting glass eyes and has a glass nose.
Babajaga is free standing so she can keep her little house under control.
It is made from architecture cardboard and is covered with thin veneers.
A straw chimney, a mohair fabric roof and wire chicken feet makes it look just perfect.

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Germany    €5.00 EUR    (€5.00 EUR)
Europäische Union    €14.00 EUR    (€14.00 EUR)
United States    €25.00 EUR    (€25.00 EUR)

€90.00 EUR     (€90.00 EUR)

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