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Oskar the Rallye Mouse
by Sabine Cheshire
1.9 inches (4.8 centimeters)


Hi, my name is Oskar, the rallye mouse and I am a big boy, 5cm (1,9 inches) from food to ear.
I am made of miniature fabric and ultra suede and my five disc joints make me very flexible in my rallye car.
I am filled with sheep wool but my with tiny feet I can't stand on my own but that's why I have my rallye car!
With my 3mm glass eyes and can see the racecourse very clearly.
The stylish sweater is handknitted with 0.8mm (UK 21) miniature knitting needles
and I just love my tiny aviator cap which is made from ultra suede.
My rallye car is made of a mint drops tin and it is very fast and comfy.

File under: Miniauture   Miniature Mouse   Miniature Knitting  

Germany    €5.00 EUR    (€5.00 EUR)
Europ√§ische Union     €14.00 EUR    (€14.00 EUR)
United States    €25.00 EUR    (€25.00 EUR)

€70.00 EUR     (€70.00 EUR)

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