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by Irina Drozdenko
16 inches (40.6 centimeters)


«Little Prince» collection.


This is the story of a man who is not able to see how beautiful the world around him ...

"The sixth planet was ten times larger than the last one.
It was inhabited by an old gentleman who wrote voluminous books.
"What are you doing?"
"I am a geographer," said the old gentleman.
"What is a geographer?" asked the little prince.
"A geographer is a scholar who knows the location of all the seas, rivers,towns, mountains, and deserts."
"That is very interesting," said the little prince.
"Here at last is a man who has a real profession!"
And he cast a look around him at the planet of the geographer.
It was the most magnificent and stately planet that he had ever seen.
"Your planet is very beautiful," he said.
"Has it any oceans?"
"I couldn't tell you," said the geographer.
"Has it any mountains?"
"I couldn't tell you," said the geographer.
"And towns, and rivers, and deserts?"
"I couldn't tell you that, either."
"But you are a geographer!"
"Exactly," the geographer said.
"But I am not an explorer.
I haven't a single explorer on my planet.
It is not the geographer who goes out to count the towns, the rivers, themountains, the seas, the oceans, and thedeserts.
The geographer is much too important to go loafing about.
He does not leave his desk..."

The classical Teddy technology has been used to design the teddy. I used hand-painted viscose for this teddy. Artificial aging has been added. The teddy is stuffed with sawdust. The belly is filled with granulated metal to add some nice heaviness. The teddy bear is approx 9 inches (22 cm) tall. Overall composition height - 16 inches (40 cm).

The planet is also handmade. It is firmly attached to the stand. You get the composition completely and it will become a luxurious decoration of your interior. The bear can be removed from the stand.

The teddy is fully handmade. Thanks to high quality of the materials used, the toy is sure to be pleasing you for many years. Who knows, maybe this teddy bear will become your family values and will be passing fond memories from generation to generation for ages...

Teddy is made in one piece. Repeat is impossible.

The teddy will come to your home nicely packaged, together with a birth certificate and a special unexpected gift for you. You are sure to be pleasantly surprised!

If you would like to own this exclusive item, you are welcome to order it right now!

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Not for children

Dry clean only

The item comes from home where no pets are kept and no smoking is allowed.

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