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by Barney Bears
6 inches (15.2 centimeters)


A stunning bear with his two tone silky fur! A beautiful dark brown fur with black flecks, complimented with his jet black muzzle/face, and chest. 

Simply adorable with his custom made waistcoat & hat, made from a quality leatherette fabric, in a complimenting dark grey and black mottley colour, and finished with hand embroidery edging in a dark brown silk cotton.

Standing height from paw tip to top of head tip is just a tad under 6" & he sits at around 4.5" approx and he is extremely round, chunky & very heavy weighing around the same as a full size tin of baked beans!

​He is designed to sit only, either sat up, or slumpy style, like leaning against a tree! 

He has a wonderful facial expression, he just looks so calm & peaceful, very caring, a very special bear, very unique, and just that little bit different.

​The perfect little comfort companion, & a very endearing & unique creation,
his little face speaks volumes to you.  Careful facial shading adds an adorable finishing touch. An extra special little companion & treasured keepsake & also has the wonderful trademark tubby Barney Bears tummy.

Fully cotter pin jointed & very well built, rigid & sturdy, but with that special tiny bit of squidgy cuddliness that is a vital component of all my bears!

This wonderful little bear will be there for you at all times, he loves going out & about too & will snuggle nicely in your pocket or handbag, ready to pop out when you stop off for a bite to eat or to enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee, or even that nice glass of wine!

​Thank you for taking the time to view him & please be assured that he has been made with so much care & love, the utmost attention has been paid to every tiny detail of him & he has been treated to preciously & so delicately handled from start to finish with every tiny hand sewn stitch applied to him.

​If you need to know anymore things about him please just ask, my kindest regards, Cheryl


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    Cheryl Rogers, Barney Bears
Barney Bears Originals, by Cheryl Rogers
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