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by Libellula Lilla (A. Bilous)
5.5 inches (14 centimeters)


While you are still sleeping peacefully at home, a new working day starts at the Sun Office for hundreds of little workers. It’s a highly secret organization which is specialized in preparing the sky for sunrises and sunsets. There’s a lot of engineers who control the brightness and contrast settings of the sun and the moon, a big meteo team which has to choose the weather for today, some musicians who prepare the birds for singing their morning songs. But the most amazing things happen in the Design department: every morning little sheep Betty creates new types of clouds. She makes them completely white and soft like feathers, sometimes a bit lilac or rosy like cotton candy. In the moments of inspiration she can even make clouds looking like dragons, castles, hearts... and looking like little sheeps, of course. She works with great passion, love and tenderness because she knows: people look at the clouds passing by in the sky only in special moments, when they are happy, when they relax, or while sitting beside their dear ones. Next time you look at the clouds remember that one of them has been created by Betty because she wanted to see you smiling.

Betty is made of viscose and has glass eyes. She moves her arms and legs and turns her head. She wears a handmade knitted dress with laces. She is about 14 cm.

Betty is looking forward to meeting her new family:)

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