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Amber. Bear in a classic
by Anna Evgeneva
16½ inches (41.9 centimeters)


Amber. Bear in a classic style.

Designer bear in the style of classic teddy bears of the last century.
One of a kind.

Height : 16.5 inches.
Weight :1kg 300 gr.


* Handmade 100%
* Plush (cotton, wool), made in Germany.
* Wood wool, wood shavings. Stuffing tactile pleasant.
* Glass granulate.
* 5-point mounting discs + cotter pins.
* Eyes (glass), made in Germany.
* Nose embroidered with cotton threads .
* Monogram embroidered with gold floss.
* Scarf :silk.
* Brooch: amber, copper (maybe bronze?), Vintage, Russian.

A Bear can stand well, sit, give a good mood, hug :)

Please note, a bear, unfortunately can not be a child's toy. Amber - a collection bear.
If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask them, I will answer with pleasure))

The bear will come to you in a short time, approximately 10-14 days. Courier service mail.
Amber will be carefully and beautifully packaged.

Thanks for attention!
Regards, Anna!

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