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МедведьТом 2,1&
by Галина Люберцева
2.1 inches (5½ centimeters)


Miniature Bear Том Cub - approx. 2/1" (5,5cm)

Dear friends!

I'm glad to introduce to you my new miniature Тома.

The BEAR is thread crocheted OOAK, totally made by me.
Materials: yarn, sewing thread, glass beads for eyes,набивка хлопком.

Each limb was crocheted separately, and then thread-shaped. The ‘fur’ was brushed to fluffy and scissor-shaped. The BEAR is soft! He is 5 way thread jointed. It means that the head and the limbs are moveable and the cub turns his head and takes different poses.

The BEARis stuffed with cotton and carefully shaded with oil paint.

As accessories I made him a clown collar and cup ,мяч.Расческа для "меха".

TheТом will arrive to his new home in a tiny beautiful box, with the certificate signed by me.

*All my bears and friends come from a non-smoking home.
Please note that the BEARis made for display only and not intended for a child's play.

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