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Cat Aisha
by Valentina Anikina
9 inches (23 centimeters)


Sculpture of a realistic Cornish Rex cat
  made by Valentina Anikina
Cat Aisha
For strangers - proud and impregnable.
For friends - affectionate and funny.

This is a unique, collection author's toy, created using needle felting and applique faux fur techniques.
  The use of high-quality wool and artificial fur makes the sculpture realistic.
  In addition, there is a wire frame inside it.
  The frame gives stability, makes the legs and tail of the sculpture moveable.
  Eyes - glass, claws, pads and nose of plastic.
  Inside the sculpture is a weighting material made of small stones.

  = The length of the figurine excluding the tail is 8.66 inches or 22 cm. =
  = The height of the figure with the ears 10, 63 inches or 27 cm. =

The cat will come to you with a gift box with a certificate signed by me.

  All of my wool sculptures are for adult collectors only!
I am very glad if you liked my work!
Always waiting for you in my store!

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