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Mandragora root polymer c
by Daryina Safonova
1.5 inches (4 centimeters)


Price is specified for 1 toy

If you see that the toy is in stock, then you buy exactly what is pictured in the photo.
If the toy is not available, then I will make it on order!
Each toy is completely handmade.To my regret, I can not repeat its full copy.
I will try to make it as similar as possible. And at every stage of the work, I will send you a photo, for approval.
But you have the opportunity to participate in the process.
Choose color, accessories, to translate your ideas into reality.

I don't use molds or pre-designed styling. Every toy is unique.
I use high-quality polymer clay and fur.
Each doll is individual and different from others.
Even if you order a remake doll, it is not a total copy. It is individual and has its own character.
At night my dolls come to life ✨🎩
I hope they will bring you happiness and good luck

My dolls are not meant to be played with the children.
The dolls are fragile creatures and are elements of interior design.
They are to be handled with caution.

The materials for this doll are:

artificial fur, padding polyester, glass eyes, polymer clay, acrylic, pastel, paint

Thank you for visiting my store!♡

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United Kingdom    $2.00 USD    ($2.00 USD)
Europe    $2.00 USD    ($2.00 USD)
Australia    $2.00 USD    ($2.00 USD)
Canada    $2.00 USD    ($2.00 USD)
Russia    $2.00 USD    ($2.00 USD)
South America    $2.00 USD    ($2.00 USD)
Worldwide    $2.00 USD    ($2.00 USD)
Rest of the World    $2.00 USD    ($2.00 USD)

I mark parcels as gifts. If you mind, I may not mark as a gift, then email me this. I will send you the tracking number for the parcel. I don't insure packages. I can send expedited parcel by EMS (write to me)the Packaging is very durable. I am proud that none of the package has not been corrupted and lost!

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$69.00 USD     ($69.00 USD)

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