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The Little Rat
by Maria Chumakova
2.9 inches (7½ centimeters)


The Little Rat.
Once upon a time, in the morning, when first sunbeams were dancing on the table, the rustle was listed in workshop. While The Little Rat was sating on the shelf. His nose sadently kept moving around, hardly smelling of cheese announced from above. It thim alert. The Little Rat stood on tiptoe and reached for height. Small piece of cheese wallowed in the corner. The Little Rat puffed, jumped and climbed very long.
When I came to workshop, The Little Rat kept in the legs cherished piece of cheese. He was shining. “Oh, you are dainty! – I said. I’ll have to make you a cheese house!”
This funny Little Rat is ready to go to you. The Rat is thread crocheted OOAK, and made by me. Materials: yarn, sewing thread, glass beads for eyes and metal wire. Height: 5 cm. Each limp was crocheted sepaRately, and then thread-shaped. The “fur” was brushed to fluffy, scissor-shaped and carefully shaded with oil paint. The Little Rat will arrive to his new home in a tiny beautiful box, with the certificate signed by me. The Little Rat will come from a non-smoking home. Please, note that the Little Rat is made for watching only and not intended for a child’s play.

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