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Aurelia the Cat
by Bears of Bath
7 inches (17.7 centimeters)


I'm very pleased to introduce you to a very special and luxurious Cat from Bears of Bath patiently awaiting adoption :) He is called Aurelia (who's name means Golden One) and has shades of Browns, pebble and white, and is ever so fluffy and soft : ) This is the slightly smaller version of my cat designs.

This fur is so luxurious and soft. This is the new 70mm variegated brown, panda grey 50mm and super long beige faux fur and has been a joy to model. This cat has to be one of the most beautiful and soft that I have worked with and I enjoyed every moment modelling him.

She has really been a labour of love spanning several days. I really wanted to sculpt her carefully and really bring her to life. Every part of her is created from new patterns designed to bring out something completely new.

Aurelia's head has been carefully scissor sculpted and then gently shaded using acrylic paints to accent shadows and give her personality and life. She has 14mm black Glass eyes with white cashmere accents, embedded in brown eyelids. Her nose has been made from coral faux cashmere, airbrushed in brown ochre.

This cat has long white whiskers and four paw/feet. Her tail is articulated allowing you to set a pose :)

She is fully cotterpin jointed and filled with dense polyester filling When sitting she is approx 7 inches high. She has pretty brown faux fur ears with mohair inner earpads and peach faux cashmere foot/paw pads. She has a fabric 'Bears of Bath 2019' label sewn into her back.

She will arrive at her new home, carefully wrapped in a box, with her 'Bears of Bath' certificate of authenticity.
Aurelia is number 2280 in the Certificated Series

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