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Puppy breed Dalmatian
by Natalia Khizhnyakova
21.6 inches (55 centimeters)


Let me introduce you to a realistic Dalmatian puppy!An ancient breed of Dalmatians originated in Yugoslavia called Dalmatia. Their endurance, size, and watchdog capabilities made them a favorite breed of the English aristocracy. In the 18th and 19th century, this dog stood guard over goods. They were also used for herds of horses that hauled water tanks for firefighters. The advent of the automobile led to the decline of this breed. After the presentation of the cartoon "101 Dalmatians" interest in this breed of dog was revived. President the US-George Washington was lover of this breed. This baby is made of faux fur, fed with synthetic padding and mineral stones. On the skeleton, which allows the baby to be mobile! He has glass eyes and leather paw pads. Completely handmade!!! Favorite spots will be a wonderful gift for you or your loved ones!!!

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    Natali Khizhnyakova
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