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Linley the Lion- made fro
by Margaret Raymond
6.6 inches (17 centimeters)


This is Linley the sleepy Lion.

How to take care of Linley

Linley eats Cornflakes and Lion Bars and so needs to watch his weight. This is further compounded by his tendency to fall asleep. He loves the shade of a tree and can be a bit grumpy if disturbed however he is a friendly lion and likes to have friends.
He doesn't like loud noises or tomatoes and hates the smell of bonfires.
When he is adopted he would like a nice peaceful home with his owns bedroom but would also like other chums to talk to when he isn't sleeping or eating Cornflakes.
He is wearing his favourite hand knitted scarf

Medical History

He is made from hand dyed vintage cotton velvet.
His colour is gold
His eyes are black glass
His nose is black and hand crafted.
His ears are lined in matching felt
His joints are made from poppers and are movable to standing and sitting but are reinforced so they do not detach from the body.
He has handsome nylon whiskers.
He has a lovely fuzzy Main made of polyester fur fabric
He is stuffed with the best quality poly fibre stuffing
His 7.5 inches (17cm) Standing
He is 5.5 inches (12cm) Sitting

Things to Know!.....

He is unique! …….My Velveteens are subject to all the charms of a handmade item in the unique qualities of the velvet fabric and every one is unique. They are what they are ; each one made with joy for the beautiful recycled materials used and the new little character being bought to life.

Picture colours may vary…..colour reproduction of my pictures depend on your device screen! Likewise my camera and lighting may catch colours differently. I work hard to make sure my colours are as accurately reproduced as possible in my listings.

Not suitable for under 14’s

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