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Video course, pattern Tig
by Anastasia Maslovskaya


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Video course and pattern in Russian with translation into English (subtitles - I translated every word). This is the most detailed video course, which will be clear even to a beginner.
The course will teach you how to create a tiger cub with a movable opening and closing mouth and naturalistic paws with leather pads.
A tiger cub 40 cm long from the tip of the nose to the back excluding the tail. Made from faux fur. Hand-painted with persistent paints. The head is connected to the body by a skeleton, you can bend the body and neck. The paws are bolted to the body and reinforced with the skeleton (can be bent and rotated on the body). Skeleton inside the tail, wire inside the ears - you can bend. Moving jaw with magnets (you can open and close) - the author's technique. The magnetic jaw mount is reliable and durable. The nose, jaw and claws are made of polymer clay. Glass eyes. Paw pads - genuine leather, each made separately and securely attached to the paw. Filling - synthetic filler, sheep's wool, sawdust. Small pebbles are an environmentally friendly product as a weighting agent in the tum. Stuffing with the effect of a living.
Pattern is included.
The course consists of 27 video chapters in mp4 format.
1. Materials and tools.
2. Cutting.
3. Stitching.
4. Head. Stuffing.
5. Nose.
6. The effect of a lively nose.
7. Eyes. Attachment.
8. Eyes. Design.
9. Mustache.
10. The jaw. Drawing. Materials
11. The teeth.
12. The lower jaw.
13. The upper jaw.
14. Tinted jaw.
15. Attaching the jaw to the head.
16. Toning and painting face.
17. Ears.
18. Additional work.
19. Stuffing paws.
20. The design of the paws.
21. Paw pads.
22. Claws.
23. Tinted paws.
24. The tail.
25. Assembling and stuffing toy.
26. Painting toy.
27. Epilogue.

After payment you will receive on your email:
- video course (27 videos)
- drawings and diagrams - manual
- master class plan
- tiger cub pattern
- placing patterns on the material
- instructions for stitching parts
- list of materials and tools
- photos of live tigers (more than 100 photos)
The total videofiles size is 20 GB.
The buyer of the video course has the right to ask any questions about creating a tiger.
Give or sell toys created through the course.
Copying and disseminating information to third parties is prohibited, I hope for your understanding.

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