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Forest the Woodland Guard
by Pod Bears
22½ inches (57.1 centimeters)


Meet Forest the Woodland Guardian dragon and his robin friend Bob. Forest is 22.5” tall and is created in a fabulous luxury faux fur using my own pattern. This happy guy has hand coloured eyes and his nose, claws, belly button, tail tip are hand sculpted in polymer clay and have a muted and mottled glitter glossed finish whilst his mouth and horns have a gloss effect finish. Forest is part pellet filled and has a wired tail to allow it to be posed and has iridescent film wings and comes with his Woodland staff complete with his bee friends. Bob his little Robin friend also comes with Forest and is 3” tall and created in mohair from my own pattern. Bob has hand sculpted polymer clay beak and jointed legs. As always these guys come with their own personal story and signed tags.
I am currently having a 15% discount sale making these guys available for adoption for £229.50 plus P&P (originally £270 plus p&p before discount)
Hugs, Anita, Pod Bears.Hugs, Anita Pod Bears💕💕
Forest and Bob are collectible boys and not suitable for children. Forest and Bob will be sent tracked and insured via parcelforce for their full value.

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United Kingdom    £34.00 GBP    (£34.00 GBP)
Europe    £67.00 GBP    (£67.00 GBP)
Australia    £67.00 GBP    (£67.00 GBP)
Canada    £67.00 GBP    (£67.00 GBP)
Russia    £67.00 GBP    (£67.00 GBP)
South America    £67.00 GBP    (£67.00 GBP)
Worldwide    £67.00 GBP    (£67.00 GBP)
Rest of the World    £67.00 GBP    (£67.00 GBP)

Tracking reference will be messaged to adoptee.

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£229.50 GBP     (£229.50 GBP)

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Pod Bears
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