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by Olga Vedyagina
11 inches (28 centimeters)


Mr Panda.
Well well well. Fine.
I admit it.
Creating a bear for a long time was a challenge for me.
Look around and you can see how many bears are already created!

Hundreds of them. See!

Finding your own bear is like finding a treasure. Imagine that you are holding something priceless when you are on a right track of creating your own bear.

I believe that panda is a little bit more complicated so we can’t see that much pandas.

It was easier for me to make it. Well to get ready to accept the challenge, being honest!

An illustration of a panda in a suit was taken as a prototype of the image.

It was the last straw! I melt into a process of creating a panda.
As you can understand I’m always very attentive with the whole image of my artworks and also eyes are playing a key role of completing it.

All clothes can be removed and all sewn by me. As you may have guessed Mr.Panda’s cane with a gilded head in a form of a drake’s head was also made by me.

Mr. Panda walked along the beautiful blossom of flowers on streets and enjoyed a breathtaking view opening to his gaze.

This is where Mr. Leo lives, and here is Mrs. Gazelle.
Flower beds, as if competed among themselves in their splendor. Climbing up the brickwork, then hanging down over the edge of the cornice pots.
Bright pink, scarlet, lilac, soft peach ...
They peeked out from under the emerald leaves and exposed their petals to meet the sun.

Mr. Panda happily Q squinted and turned the corner.
The way to his house always give him a lot of joy and pleasure.

Thank you for popping by my shop. It would be my pleasure to see you again!

I hope to see you soon and wishing you good luck!

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