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Chihuahua puppy Casper
by Julia Gorpinenko
7.8 inches (19.9 centimeters)


Realistic Chihuahua puppy is looking for a loving mom. He would be his most beloved friend.
Casper is very mobile and likes to be played with.
Chihuahua puppy is made of soft quality fur.
Created entirely manually.
Inside the dog is a special skeleton that helps the toy to take realistic poses as a living animal: sit, lie, stand.
Eyes puppy-glass.
Nose and paw pads made of polymer clay.
Clothes for the puppy can be removed and changed.
The puppy has a collar.
The puppy is created from 100% on my author's pattern.
Not suitable for children under 5 years old.

In stock.
The child will arrive in a gift box

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