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Usen puppy
by Olga Protcheva
6.6 inches (17 centimeters)


Autumn Puppy

His name Usen. This dog the embodiment fall : Gentle disposition, warm colors, quiet look.
*The dog is sewed from Guabello Italy 100%virgin wool fabric, can independently stand, sit, ears are reinforced (it is possible to bend), the nose is made of suede.
* At a puppy on a tummy the four-leaved clover (brings good luck) is embroidered and the sphere from natural amber is sewn (it is made in the City of Kaliningrad).
*Amber has in itself all energy of the sun and the sea. On a neck at a doggie a bouquet from acorns and autumn leaves which will undoubtedly remind of the warmest autumn days.
The warm autumn puppy waits for the own person.

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