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Tender bear
by Protcheva Olga
9.8 inches (25 centimeters)


The bear cub is completely sewed manually! Author's pattern and design.
* Fabric Alpaca 100th wool production Germany.
* Mineral EKO a weighting compound - quartz.
* Eyes glass, handwork Germany.
* Filler the Siberian cedar sawdust which emits useful substances phytoncides.
There is a belief that cedars, accumulating light energy to give light energy, the cedar has to adjoin to the person directly.
* The bear cub is tinted by oil paints and pastel.
* The nose is embroidered with cotton threads. * The Piglet and Palms from the 100th wool.
The character is quiet, temper good-natured.
The gentle soft bear cub Height is 25 cm, weight is 268 grams.
Delivery free of charge.

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