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by Olga Vedyagina
12.5 inches (32 centimeters)


Buffalo is a handmade animal made from Schulte viscose, fulfilled with sawdust and weighted with metallic granulated materials. I used black shine eyes and shadowed it with artist oil paintings and pastel pencils.
For clothes I choose natural fabrics such as linen, rayon, cotton, wool and also some metallic elements.
Hoofs, nose, antlers are made from polymerclay by my hands. Variable painting and shadowing for hoofs, especially.

Silky scarf with a metallic button, a box for a cake, a bouquet of wonderful tulips. The bouquet of tulips was bought long time ago so it would be difficult to buy it again.

All Clothes and accessories can be removed if you want, but for a sweater it’s gonna be complicated because of the antlers.

Velvet pants.
Stylish and comfortable two colors leather are also sewn by me.

Working on this collection I was thinking who is the next.
I wanted to create somebody very harismatic and not agressive, so I could not create a rhino or an ox.
I was also thinking about antlers I wanted something what will remind us about kindness, not about war or agression.

But also we can feel the strength and power of the animal.

Furthermore studying about the animal I found out that it is not just powerful animals but also they are self-sacrificing animals. To be fair bufallos are still protecting each other, also their new generation from lion’s or crocodiles attacks. They will not drop each other in troubles. Always together. Looks like they will stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder.

Lilian was a love of life for Maximilian . They were waiting for their first baby and it was her birthday.

Early in the morning, Max woke up and went to buy a bouquet of fresh tulips and a delicious cake. Cake was made from delicate almond-coconut sponge cake with a compote of juicy sweet and sour cherries and his favorite cream cheese.
His eyes were full of love and a huge heart was completely with her.
He was remembering how he had to fight for his Lilian.
The scar on his nose is a sign of the memory of they fight.
Sometimes he was almost crying during thunderstorms.
But Max get used to it already.
Lilian gently hugged him in those moments. These were the most amazing moments of their life: real support and feelings to each other in different moments of life.

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