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A baby elephant Mokki
by Sumeyko Natalya
3.9 inches (10 centimeters)


Elephant Mokki is not like anyone, he's cute, funny and at the same time very creative.
It is completely unique and can decorate any collection of author's creations.
Elephant Mokki is sure to attract attention and cause a smile back.
Elephant Mokki sewn by hand from faux fur.
it has beautiful eyes and leather eyelids.
The elephant's body is embroidered with beautiful faceted beads that sparkle stunningly in the light!
Elephant Mokki has 2 connections on the pins.
Toning is made with acrylic paints.
The elephant's neck is decorated with silk ribbons and a beautiful sparkling bead.
Patches on the elephant made of Japanese cotton.

File under: Elephant   cute   creative   collection   creations   smile   beautifu   eyes   leather   acrylic paints  


$250.00 USD     ($250.00 USD)

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