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Miniature Rabbit
by Elena Konovalenko
1.5 inches (4 centimeters)


Dear friends!
I'm pleased to introduce you to my new miniature rabbit.

Making a miniature my goal is to simulate the process of creating a big Teddy bear (or bear friend) toy. I use the same techniques but apply them to micro miniature size. So, my toys are soft and stuffed with cotton, and they're 5-way like a "normal" Teddy bear. They have fur,and I even give them a haircut!

The cub was crocheted and combed down to fluffy and then the whole body with scissors. Crochet parts have no seams and this is a great advantage for miniatures. All the tools I use look like different types of needles-a tiny hook, tongs, and brushes.

Every piece was crocheted separately, filamentous forms. Then carefully combed to fluffy and scissor shape. Baby's soft! He is 5 way thread joined. This means that the head and limbs are mobile, and the cub turns his head and takes different poses.

The cub has tiny back glass beads of the eye. He has been carefully shaded with oils. All the paint I use is wet and water resistant, yet it is not recommended to wash it; -)
(but if it needs cleaning-I suggest you use a clean little eyelash brush.

Although the cub is very small, it took many, many hours to create.

He's coming to his new home with a certificate signed by me.

I hope this cute tiny baby made you smile! :- )

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