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Elephant Eduardo
by Olga Vedyagina
11.4 inches (29 centimeters)


Here is a great aNimal. The first thing on my mind about this animal is: it’s one of the
biggest and the strongest.
Also his deep shine black eyes make me feeling that he is so kind.
“ Eduardo could not live without a piece of warm fresh bread… every morning he walks
down the street to the bakery. He came back home with a bag full of fresh bread. Boiled
kettle, flavored herbal tea with a piece of warm bread with some butter blueberries jam…
what could be better…."
Well the elephant is a handmade animal made from Schulte viscose, fulfilled with sawdust
and weighted with metallic granulated materials. I used black shine eyes and shadowed the
elephant with artist oil paintings and pastel pencils.
His legs are made from two different types of polymer clay.
If we are talking about fabrics I used natural materials such as linen, cotton, knitted fabrics.
All clothes and even tiny buttons on Eduardo jacket are made by me. To be sincere, I’m
proud of myself.
The elephant can not stay without a supporting fixture. It was my preference to create an
animal with a big belly. So as you can understand stomach is big as possible.
Accessories like hat, baguette wrapped with craft materials and also clothes can be simply
Eduardo’s waistcoat, knitted sweater, trousers with pockets, boots made from genuine
leather - everything had been sewn by me.

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