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Cotton (Orphan)
by Michelle Lamb
27 inches (68.5 centimeters)


Michelle Lamb of Only & Only Bears created this one of a kind teddy bear.

The mohair that Michelle Lamb used is long, very thick and wavy. Super soft and obviously high quality, as one would expect from Michelle Lamb.

Cotton is an impressive Polar Bear with a height of 27 inches from the tips of his ears to the bottoms of his feet.

Cotton has absolutely stunning, luminescent, emerald green eyes with large black pupils that were specially crafted by the artist. Beautiful grey eyelids frame Cottons big, expressive eyes. Michelle then used pretty green accents to give his eyes more detail and depth. His muzzle was hand shaded using greens and charcoal grey.

Michelle Lamb used hardboard and lock-nut jointing to make this bear. Cotton is firmly stuffed with polyfil. His paw pads were made from two layers of 100% wool felt and have pulled toes with a middle metacarpal pad and heel.

Michelle Lamb bears are truly works of art created by a Master of her craft.

This teddy bear will only increase in value as the scarcity of Michelle Lamb bears is already evident within the secondary market and yet, the demand increases. This is an heirloom bear for the serious teddy bear collector.

An adult collectible and not a childrens toy.

Bear is in excellent condition with zero flaws to note.

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