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Spitz Kokosha
by Maria Kraus (4Korobki)
1.2 inches (3.2 centimeters)


Spitz Kokosha
Sometimes it seems that you are very lonely and have to sleep all day in the couch or if a Person forgot to remove your sweater - then Nestle on it. But in the evening everything changes! You can already hear your car pull up under the window as it closed and opened the door to the staircase.
"Ground floor."You're all at the ready:here is a toy, suddenly you will immediately start to play!
Here's sneakers and socks:you may not fully understand that what he is wearing at first, but let them rejoice!
What a wrapper! Still smells of caramel, and a Person is not noticed and not thrown away. It is such "treasures" he calls "trash", and laughs very quietly that I hadn't seen throws. I see!
"Second floor."
You can already hear the keys rattling, the right Shoe squeaking, and the left foot coming off.
One of the trinkets now rattles differently, because the other day you struggled with them while a Man was washing dishes. For some reason, the Man was upset when he found the keys in the couch, among the treasures. I was gluing something later. They don't sound like they used to.
Third floor!
The first lock opens. He always has a little crush.
Second lock.
"Kokosha!"you fly with all haste to the hands of Man! He's holding you down, but how can you hold him down for so long?! Put your face up, I'll shower him with kisses!
:) Something like this dog waiting for us back home.
*Miniature Spitz Kokosha .
The head and limbs were not movable
Size: Kokosha Size 3.2 cm
Basket size 5.5 cm

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