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Mauna Loa
by Olga Ageenkova, Businka
14.1 inches (36 centimeters)


Take a look at this cute puppy of American Bully!
Zesty, gently, and friendly.
If you have heard anything of the exotic breed these three words won't make you surprised.
Because they reflect a temperament of the type of pets which have been bred to be family dogs.
And the name of this baby is the most fit for the creature - Mauna Loa, given in honour of one of most famous volcanoes of our world.
So, a few words of the job done:
Totally made by hands creature, from the glass eyes to the paw-pads of leather and claws of polymer clay.
Filled up with hollow fiber and (partly) mineral granulate, for real weight.
Based of a special skeleton, blah-blah-blah...
In a nut shell, the highest quality and a tiny part of my soul inside the genuine creature, as usual.

Olga, Businka!

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Marlies Hofer
I love her!!!! Another cute puppy! Love them all!!!!
11 months ago
Ageenkova Olga
Thank you, Marlies! I do appreciate your sentiment!
11 months ago
olga shalegina
какой живой и няшный ПРЕЛЕСТЬ
9 months ago
Ageenkova Olga
Спасибо огромное
9 months ago
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