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Rabbit Finch
by glarchik
8.6 inches (22 centimeters)


MK RUSSIAN LANGUAGE, but with step by step photos.
Text from a computer or phone / tablet can be copied and translated into a google translator.
The composition of this lot includes two microns with patterns: First micron on 42 pages, where about 305 photos and a detailed description of the process, up to tinting (weighing only 18.7 mb) - to create the rabbit itself. Second MK tailoring jacket. On page 7, 34 photos and weighing 1.8 mb.
I send these master classes to e-mail, after which you can open them from your phone, tablet, computer (as many times as you like) or print them on paper!

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sending master classes by email within 24 hours after payment. Sending the package after communication with the buyer.

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